Wildly Alive – 5 Morning Rituals to activate your life force energy






The Rituals:

Wednesday September 29th – 8 p.m. Amsterdam time

When you see your business as one big ceremony, everything starts to shift. If you ever have been in ceremony you know that every tiny detail has meaning to the intention that you set. Looking at your business in this perspective will change your whole perspective on what’s going right and wrong in your business. Plus… You start to consciously create with the power of intention. In this Mastereclass we are inviting the idea of your business as a ceremony to the table and we’ll dive into the magic of intention setting.

Dance with your vision
Wednesday October 6th – 8 p.m. Amsterdam time

Seeing your business as a way, a tool to get your vision off the ground is a much broader view then we get to believe business is. But where is this vision coming from? And how can you truely create this bigger vision, without getting too much in your head about it. In this masterclass we start to introduce working with the energy of your business, as if it was an entity with it’s own soul. Working with the non fysical makes doing business so much more easy and fun because you get to co create with the universe. You get to connect to the energy of money, of your business, of spirit, of your spirit team. And this makes everything so so so much easier. You don’t have to do it alone anymore. You get to become a channel for whatever wants to move through you. 


Cacao Ceremony
Wednesday October 13th – 8 p.m. Amsterdam time

So we alll have been there or maybe you are still at that place that business cards seem the most important and tangible thing you can arrange for your business. I think maybe EVERYONE that ever set their first steps in business land got those business cards, the first thing that made them really feel entrepreneurs. Honestly, the cards of my last company are still in my desk, since I never use them haha. In this Masterclass we are diving into unlearning and letting go EVERYTHING that you think you have to do or become in order to become successful. And while we are at it, we are investigating the definition of success along with it ;). ALL THESE IDEA”S and concepts can really disturb the natural life energy to flow. And if you want to do business the feminine way…. Than you get to unlearn a LOT of rules and ideas. So your true LIFE FORCE ENERGY gets to flow…. And gets to create and play…. There is where the true potency of your BEING lies….. 

Pleasure Practice
Wednesday October 20th – 8 p.m. Amsterdam time

Fears, doubts, procrastination….. On every friggin level I get to uncover more and more sneaky ways to trick me out of my path…. And most of the time I believe the bullshit that I’m telling myself, until I finally recognise them as bullshit. And that is the annoying part about limiting beliefs… You believe them ;). In this masterclass we dive into ego, distraction and clearing your energy field as a way to create more and more space for your Essence to come at play.

Anger Release / Primal Activation
Wednesday October 27th – 8 p.m. Amsterdam time

Welcoming and celebrating the parts of you that got lost. Becoming more and more ensync with your core energy asks of you to be a new person, with more integraty, more wholeness, in every aspect of your life. You become a new you…. In all areas of your life. This week will be about embodiment. Embodying the new you!

Wildly Alive – 5 Morning Rituals to activate your life force energy